Sweets & Snacks

Loacker Wafer And White Chocolate 50 GM
EGP 35.95
Loacker Wafer White Chocolate 150 GM
EGP 118.95
Loacker Wafer And Milk Chocolate 50 GM
EGP 35.95
Loacker Rose Wafer Chocolate Milk 150GM
EGP 118.95
Balzn Pickup Wafer Chocolate Milk 28GM
EGP 7.95
Kitkat Dark Chocolate Wafer 54GM
EGP 11.95
Kitkat Wafer Chunky White Chocolate 40GM
EGP 9.95
Caprice Hazelnut Cream Wafer 400GM
EGP 105.45
Bisco Misr Wafer Strawberry 8Pieces
EGP 2.1
Gardena Chocolate Wafer With Hazelnut Cream 190 GM 5 Pieces
EGP 49.95
Gardena Chocolate Wafer Filled With Hazelnut Cream 200 GM
EGP 50.95
Werther'S Toffees Butter And Caramel 48GM
EGP 10.95
Warheads Super Sour Spray Candy 20Ml
EGP 69.95
Herrs Bite Size Tortilla Chips 340Gm
EGP 94.95
Herrs Potato Chips Jalapeno Kettle 170Gm
EGP 77.95